meetings in truth 2016

Gezien het succes van voorjaar 2015, zullen Isaac Shapiro en zijn partner Meike Schuett wederom naar Schoorl komen.

We hebben de Intensive dit jaar met één dag uitgebreid zodat we nog dieper kunnen zakken in 'de stilte' welke Satsang zo uniek maakt! Het enorme liefdes-veld dat gecreëerd wordt tijdens deze bijeenkomsten is zó sterk… dat blokkades en automatische, belemmerende patronen bij de deelnemers als vanzelf oplossen en Heling op een heel diep niveau kan plaatsvinden.

Voor wie nog niet bekend is met Satsang: Kom gerust een (laagdrempelige) avond Satsang bijwonen en ervaar het Zelf!

Isaac and Meike invite you to realise the Truth of who you REALLY are – Pure, Being, Consciousness – and have always been, and to explore how to embody that in everyday life.

The opportunity to participate in a field of CONSCIOUS INQUIRY, generated by all the participants who have a common interest to live as love, is immense and hugely beneficial.

The only human drama is not wanting the experience we are having IN THIS MOMENT!

This has many expressions. Noticing how our minds and nervous system makes these movements, AND LIVES OUT THESE AUTOMATIC PATTERNS, brings them to awareness. This awareness is always present and in THAT noticing, without any effort, what was unconscious becomes conscious.

Once these movements or patterns are conscious, they cannot fool or trouble us any longer. While these movements and patterns are lodged in the body-mind-nervous-system based on past and often early life experience, they drive our thoughts, feelings, emotions, actions and reactions. Often totally automatically and unconsciously.

The subtle invitation Isaac and Meike are known for is based on a deep understanding of the need for completion of (early) childhood development and (trauma) healing through somatic experiencing. These automatic reactions are invited to show up, to be honoured fully and in that honouring, to integrate.

Knowing that we are pure consciousness and love is beautiful but does not by itself solve or change the patterns of suffering that show up in our daily life.

This is the added value of sitting in Truth with Isaac and Meike!

“The beauty of this invitation is that nothing needs to be changed, fixed, or eliminated. It is a non-dualistic, nonjudgmental enquiry into our present being. Everything happens through the agency of awareness.”
~ Isaac Shapiro

“My joy is the freshness that appears in the exploration of the moment. To see, as if you have never seen before... Just now! To hear, as if you have never heard before… Just now! To smell a rose, as if you have never smelt before.… Just now! To taste the nectar of existence, as if you have never tasted before… Just now! To feel the Beloved, as if you have never felt her before… Just now!”
~ Meike Schuett

All are welcome!

Note organiser: “I have personally experienced that their teachings combined with a lot of other things – like their energy – are very transforming. I stopped making a drama out of small things. More and more I can look at my personality without identifying with it. As I know on a deeper level that I am not my personality. It has made my life more relaxed and I am grateful for this.”

When & where:

Dopersduin27 & 28 April 2016:
Satsang in the Evening (19:30 - 21:30)

29 & 30 April 2016:
Intensive (11:00 - 18:00)

Dopersduin, Oorsprongweg 3, 1871 HA te Schoorl N.H.


Satsang: 17,50 euro (per evening)
Intensive: 150 euro including a healthy lunch (two days)
Optional: Healthy Dinner (organic as much as possible) at 18:00 after the Intensive. A nice way to finish this special day together! Costs: 18,50 euro p.p.

Sleeping Accomodation:

Dopersduin offers affordable sleeping accommodation. Contact Ilona for more details.

The investment can be transfered to IBAN NL37 RABO 0327 7053 53, H.M. Borst. Please mention “Meetings in Truth” and the date(s) you are attending.